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The inaugural RWJF Scholars Forum: "Disparities, Resilience, and Building a Culture of Health," was held on December 5, 2014. Our distinguished panel shared their insights on the urgent problem of health disparities in the U.S.

See the resources below to learn the latest ideas on reducing health disparities as a component of building a Culture of Health.

Scholars Forum Overview Video

Scholars Forum Overview (5 minutes) from RWJF Scholars Forum on Vimeo.

Featured Speakers  


Thomas LaVeist, PhD

Chairman, National Advisory Board, RWJF Center for Health Policy at Meharry Medical College
Director, Hopkins Center for Health Disparities Solutions
William C. and Nancy F. Richardson Professor in Health Policy
Johns Hopkins University


Yolanda Ogbolu, PhD, CRNP

RWJF Nurse Faculty Scholars 2013
Assistant Professor, FCH
Deputy Director, Office of Global Health
University of Maryland School of Nursing

Harry Heiman, MD, MPH

Alumnus (2012), RWJF Health Policy Fellows
Director, Health Policy, Satcher Health Leadership Institute
Morehouse School of Medicine

Alden Landry, MD, MPH

Alumnus (2000), RWJF Summer Medical and Dental Education Program
Co-founder, Tour for Diversity in Medicine
Emergency Medicine Physician, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Kate Diaz Vickery, MD, MSc

Alumna (2012), RWJF Clinical Scholars
Clinician-Investigator, Hennepin County Medical Center



Images from the RWJF Scholars Forum:

Yolanda Ogbolu, Harry Heiman
Alden Landry, Yolanda Ogbolu
Thomas LaVeist, Kate Diaz Vickery
Thomas LaVeist, Kate Diaz Vickery, Yolanda Ogbolu, Harry Heiman
Thomas LaVeist
Dwayne Proctor, director and senior adviser, RWJF
Herminia Palacio, director and senior program officer, Human Capital and Leadership Teams, RWJF
Linda Wright Moore, senior communications officer, RWJF
Alden Landry, Kate Diaz Vickery, Thomas LaVeist, Yolanda Ogbolu, Harry Heiman


Diversity in the Health Care Workforce Video

Diversity in the Health Care Workforce (2 minutes) from RWJF Scholars Forum on Vimeo.

Education Video

Education (2 minutes) from RWJF Scholars Forum on Vimeo.



Read the full transcript of the discussion with the Scholars Forum moderator and panel:
[Download the PDF]

White Paper

Read the white paper by moderator Thomas LaVeist, PhD:
The State of Racial Inequalities in Health


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