Justin Woodhouse II, BSN, MBA


Justin Woodhouse II has served in military medicine for 22 years. In his role as Commander, LTC Woodhouse leads a professional staff of 100 Army officers, career enlisted recruiters and Department of the Army civilians spread out over an eight-state area. The battalion he oversees recruits health care professionals for all of the Army's six Medical Department Corps (Nurse Corps, Medical Corps, Dental Corps, Veterinary Corps, Medical Service Corps and Medical Specialist Corps) encompassing over 52 specialties to serve in the active Army and the Army Reserve. As an Executive Nurse Fellow, LTC Woodhouse is working on a leadership project, “Nursing: Planting the Seed,” to expose students who have the aptitude, confidence, and propensity to consider studying nursing early in the decision-making cycle, i.e., junior or senior year in high school or freshman year in college.