Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Fellows

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Fellows program is an opportunity for exceptional mid-career health professionals and behavioral and social scientists with an interest in health to participate in health policy processes at the federal level. Fellows are then able to use this experience to provide leadership to improve health, health care and health policy at the national, state or local levels.

Fellows receive a comprehensive orientation with the nation’s preeminent health policy leaders, followed by a full-time work assignment on Capitol Hill or in the executive branch. Working directly with elected officials and congressional staff, fellows have the opportunity to draft legislative proposals, arrange hearings, brief legislators for committee sessions and floor debates, and serve as the liaison between elected officials and the executive branch, interest groups, trade associations, think tanks and the health care community. Up to six fellows will be selected for the program each year.

Each fellowship includes a minimum one-year residential experience in Washington, D.C., which prepares individuals to influence the future of health care and accelerate their own career development. Fellows are able to continue their health policy activities for up to 12 months after the Washington placement period. By developing expertise in health science, policy and politics, fellows are able to create informed health policy while advancing their careers.


Candidates must:

  • Be from academic faculties or nonprofit health care organizations.
  • Possess an advanced degree and a background in a related health care discipline including the allied health professions, biomedical sciences, dentistry, economics or other social sciences, health services organization and administration, medicine, nursing, public health, or social and behavioral health.

Applicants are able to select whether to apply from a sponsoring institution or as an individual. Track 1 applicants will maintain their affiliation with their originating academic institution or nonprofit health care organization. Track 2 applicants will have their fellowship stipend administered by the Institute of Medicine.

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