Meet the Scholars

  • Lawrence Casalino, MD, PhD
    Participating in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Investigator Awards in Health Policy Research program—first as...
  • Levi Garraway MD, PhD
    The Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program fellowship served as an important catalyst that...
  • Adejoke Ayoola, PhD, RN
    The RWJF Nurse Faculty Scholars program is equipping me with the skills I need to be a good nursing educator, an effective leader…
  • Zaid Gayle
    Prior to receiving the Community Health Leaders award, advocacy for our organization and our youth was labored and difficult.
  • Joanne Iritani, MN, RN
    As an Executive Nurse Fellow, I was exposed to differing health care approaches, starting with the integration of service...
  • Giselle Colorado
    My education and career prospects were strengthened immeasurably by Project L/EARN.
  • Cheryl Chun, MA, MS
    I want to do more than just care for my patients. I want to create a better health care delivery system for my community.
  • Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, PhD, MD
    What an amazing gift to be included in such a wonderfully talented group of junior faculty from across the country engaged in...
  • Danielle Wright
    Thanks to Project L/EARN, I was a stronger applicant than I would have been without participating.
  • Donna Zulman, MD, MS
    The RWJF Clinical Scholars program provides an unparalleled opportunity to interact with...